Directed by Frédéric Baillif

Avec: Claudia Grob, Anaïs Uldry, Kassia Da Costa, Amélie Tonsi, Charlie Areddy, Amandine Golay, Joyce Esther Ndayisenga, , Sara Tulu
Production: Fresh Prod & Framevox

Au cœur d’un foyer d’accueil, une bande d’adolescentes vivent avec leurs éducateurs. Comme une famille, elle ne se sont pas choisies et elles vivent sous le même toit. Lorsqu’un fait divers met le feu aux poudres, c’est tout un système sclérosé et rétrograde qui se révèle au grand jour.

"The aesthetic, for one, solidifies this motif with a documentarian, fly on the wall approach from the director of photography Joseph Areddy, who expertly blends what feels like reality and fiction into one medium."
Jak Luke Sharp, Clapper

"DP Joseph Areddy’s roving camera coverage captures the abject chaos of the group home environment, giving the sense that we’re intruding upon events that would be unfolding whether the camera were there or not."

" cinematographer Joseph Areddy’s nimble camerawork. Placed right in the room beside these young women, the camera picks up on the tension and responds with every grimace, eye roll, and muttered curse, magnified by astute and selective framing."
Emily Maskell, We Love Cinema

"DoP Joseph Areddy’s often handheld camera captures the febrile setting where continuous psychological warfare unfolds between staff and kids in a cauldron of dysfunction."
Meredith Taylor, Filmuforia

Winner Berlin International Film Festival 2021 - Generation 14Plus
Winner Zurich Film Festival 2021 - Focus Competition
Winner Zurich Film Festival 2021 - Ecumenical Film Prize
Winner Giffoni Film Festival 2021 - CGS Award
Winner FIFF Namur 2021 - Bayard d'Or du Meilleur film
Winner FIFF Namur 2021 - Prix Agnès
Winner Seminci 2021 - Ribera del Duero Award for Best Director
Winner Seminci 2021 - Special Jury Mention for Acting Performances
Winner Seminci 2021 - José Salcedo Award for Best Editing
Winner Arras Film Festival 2021 - Atlas d'Argent for Directing
Winner Castellinaria 2021 - Tre Castelli Award
Winner Castellinaria 2021 - Public Award Feature Films

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First AC - Maxime Raymond
Electrican - Max Baud / Etienne Mordier
Colorist - Boris Rabusseau